Why Be Quiet! Silent Loop 2 AIO Isn’t Coming to America

The Be Quiet Silent Loop 2 All-In-One liquid cooler recently went on sale. I found that out when I saw the announcement on their Instagram account. But all the prices and availability were for the European Union. Where were the prices and availability for the United States? The bad news is that the Silent Loop 2 AIO won’t be coming to America.

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Take CompTIA PenTest+ Beta Exam PT1-002 for $50 #SHORTS

A coworker at my government IT job alerted me that CompTIA was offering a $50 USD beta exam for their PenTest+ certification. This relatively new info security certification usually costs $370 USD. I scheduled my online exam for Memorial Day to give myself six weeks of studying time. I ordered the “CompTIA PenTest+ Certification Bundle” eBook for $50 USD from Amazon. Make sure that you subscribe to my channel and have the notification bell turned on. I’m planning to make several videos about my journey to get this certification. It’s been 16 years since I last took a certification exam.

Godzilla VS Kong (2021) – 1 Minute Review #SHORTS

A one-minute review of “Godzilla VS. Kong”, the long-awaited sequel to “Kong: Skull Island” and “Godzilla: King of The Monsters”. This rock ’em-sock ’em battle of the Titans on the big screen doesn’t disappoint. Especially with the three-way battle in Hong Kong at the end. The two human storylines explained things with mixed results. I saw this movie in Dolby where the ass-shaking seats rocked from the epic battles. This is best kaiju movie ever.

Are Colored Hard-Boiled Easter Eggs Kosher For Passover?

A friend ordered organic hard-boiled eggs from Safeway for home delivery. He discovered that the hardboiled eggs came in different colors. Not the white or brown eggs that come in a carton. These eggs were in bright shades of red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. He has never seen eggs like these before. That raised an interesting question. Are colored hard-boiled Easter eggs kosher for Passover?

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Did JayzTwoCents CHANGE ANYTHING After Getting COVID-19?

JayzTwoCents announced that he had COVID-19 on Twitter six weeks ago. He figured out how to use a camera again, made some videos, and went to bed. A week later he posted this tweet:

JayzTwoCents, Phil and Nick returned to work shortly thereafter. That was a month ago. Did JayzTwoCents change anything after being sick with COVID-19?

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