“If Abortion Was Legal, I Would Have Aborted You” — Mom

Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

As a child growing up in the 1970s, my mother told me frequently that she would have aborted me if abortion was legal in 1969. Four years before Roe vs. Wade made abortion legal throughout the United States.

My parents got friendly during Thanksgiving weekend in 1968. After the New Year, they knew that they had — in today’s vernacular — an “oopsie” baby. An unplanned pregnancy by an older couple (my father was 34, my mother was 29) with an older child (my brother was 13).

The doctor told my mother that she was expecting twins.

A day after my maternal grandfather’s birthday in early August, she delivered a ten-pound bowling ball in one hour. I was so big and came out so fast that she needed 250 stitches. The latter she would hold against me for years to come.

My father stopped drinking and got a vasectomy. My mother started drinking and became an alcoholic.

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When Is A Bug Not A Bug in Python?

Photo by Alan Emery on Unsplash

While writing a chess program in Python as a learning exercise, I had two separate functions for converting a position from an algebraic notation string, 'a1', to a tuple, (97, 1), and vice versa. I later merged the two functions into a static method for the Board class. The code works. I should have left it at that and move on.

I found any interesting situation when refactoring the code to work with @functools.singledispatch and @staticmethod in a class. The code worked but I was using the wrong single dispatch decorator. When is a bug not a bug?

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Silicon Valley Auto Show Postponed Until 2023

The Silicon Valley Auto Show got cancelled due to the coronavirus in 2021. The 2022 show was scheduled for January at the San Jose Convention Center, and later postponed to July at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Not anymore. This year’s show got postponed to February 2023 at the Santa Clara Convention center. Not because of the coronavirus, but supply chain issues.

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The Incompatible Type Assignment Error in Mypy

Photo by Antoine Dautry on Unsplash

I’m writing a chess program in Python as a learning exercising. Not surprisingly, mypy, the static type checker, complained about my code with yet another incomprehensible error message. Here’s a quick-and-dirty fix for the incompatible type assignment error.

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Upgrading My TrueNAS File Server by ACCIDENT

Last week I noticed a critical error message notification on my TrueNAS file server. Device ada0 had 300,000 unreadable sectors pending. My seven-year-old Western Digital 1TB Red NAS hard drive was finally on the way out. I ordered a Western Digital 2TB Red Plus NAS hard drive from Amazon. A couple of hours later, I discovered that ada0 wasn’t a hard drive but an SSD. The new hard drive had already shipped from Amazon. I ended up upgrading my file server by accident.

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My 25-Year-Old Quake 2 Mouse Pad

A twit on Twitter wrote that playing a “first person shooter game past 30 ain’t a pleasant experience.” That was in reference to FortNite, which is a third-person shooter and not a first-person shooter. I responded that I’m 52-years-old, still using my Quake II mouse pad from 1997 to play video games and to get off my virtual lawn. That was one of my most popular tweets ever. Let’s talk about my 25-year-old Quake II mouse pad on my desk.

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