Boogie2988 Booked Into Jail — Two Mistakes #SHORTS

Police booked video game YouTuber Boogie2988 for firing his gun last year. A banned YouTuber and stalker, Frank Hassle, came over to over house uninvited in September 2020. Boogie walked out the front door with his gun pointed at the stalker and fired a warning shot in the air. He made two mistakes during this confrontation: stepping outside of his home and firing his gun in public.

BAGI Spring Glassware Sale (05/02/2021) #SHORTS

The Bay Area Glass Institute (BAGI) in San Jose, CA, hosted a spring glassware sale at their facility. Prices range from $40 USD for smaller item to $700 for larger items. Proceeds from this sale will fund the non-profit to offer glass blowing classes to disadvantage students. BAGI is best known for their annual glass pumpkin festival in October.

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Why Star Trek: Mission Chicago 2022 Is The Official Con #SHORTS

Star Trek: Mission Chicago 2022 replaced Star Trek Las Vegas Con as the official Star Trek Comic Con. CBS wanted to move in a new direction and wasn’t happy with Creation Entertainment for STLV 2020 being postponed and later cancelled last year. The latter no doubt cost them money.

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In-Person Comic Con Updates

We got three comic con announcements for today’s show. Star Trek: Mission Chicago 2022 and Fan Expo San Francisco 2022 are brand new events for next year. The dates for Silicon Con with Adam Savage 2021 have been officially confirmed. These are all in-person events. Assuming, of course, the coronavirus is behind us and everything returns to normal.

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