How Should You Vote In CA Governor Recall Election

California voters will have a big decision to make at the ballot box on Tuesday, September 14, 2021. Will they recall Governor Gavin Newsom? If voters say yes, which one of the 45 nobody candidates will replace him? If Democrats stay home, the next governor could win the election with less than 25% of the vote. How should you vote in a (POOP) show like this?

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Installing and Troubleshooting Orico USB 3.0 Add-In Card

When I took the CompTIA PenTest+ beta exam in late June, I had to switch out the editing PC for the test PC. The test PC had a clean install of Windows 10 that allowed the exam software to find the microphone and the webcam. Since I had so many USB cables coming off the editing PC, I had to sort out which cables were keyboard, mouse, and webcam. I was also running out of USB ports in the back. I’m going to install and troubleshoot the Orico USB 3.0 add-in card to add more ports and reorganize my USB cables.

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be quiet! Ultimate Screwdriver (Parody Ad) #SHORTS

The be quiet! ultimate screwdriver is a must have tool for any PC builder. Designed for hard to reach mounting screws on air coolers. Available for $90 USD. For a limited time, includes the Dark Rock Pro 4 air cooler for free (requires a big ass case).

NOTE: This short video is a parody ad. When you buy the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 air cooler, the screwdriver is included. Considering how useful the screwdriver is after installing the air cooler, it’s more valuable than the air cooler itself.