Jungle Bird Scores A Touch Down Against KFC

Remember Andrew “Jungle Bird” Dudley when he crashed the U.S. Open golf tournament in June? He’s back! This time scoring a touch down against KFC during the Norte Dame vs. Navy game at the Emerald Isle Classic in Dublin, Ireland, performing a victory dance before being taken away. If you’re not familiar with his shtick, it’s a wearing a Union Jack knitted hat and crying out like a jungle bird to draw attention to deforestation around the world.


Until Jungle Bird came along, I had no real interest in deforestation. With the cutting down of 400 mature trees for the space shuttle parade in Los Angeles, I’m starting to get interested in urban deforestation. Without trees to absorb the sunlight and provide cool shade, sidewalks and buildings retain the daytime heat that makes the surrounding environment hotter than it should be at night. As a child growing up in the 1970’s, I remember planting trees every year as part of an Arbor Day class activity. We need to preserve and grow the trees in the concrete canyons of our cities.

Jungle Bird’s New Logo From 99Designs

Jungle Bird's New Logo From 99Designs

I became something of a fan of Andrew “Jungle Bird” Dudley when he crashed the U.S. Open golf tournament, apologized for crashing the party, and made the Jay Leno show. With the help of 99Designs, a logo design contest was held to create a new logo to advance his cause of stopping deforestation. After 13 designers submitted 67 designs, Jungle Bird has selected a new logo that incorporates a cartoon rendering of himself wearing his quirky British flag hat and uttering his signature line, a jungle bird with a winked eye and raised thumb, and his website URL.

Until I was contacted by Lauren Gard after my first blog post about Jungle Bird, I wasn’t aware of 99designs and its logo design contests. After keeping tabs on the Jungle Bird contest and browsing through the logo store (ready made logos available for exclusive or non-exclusive licensing at reasonable rates), I’ll be setting up a banner logo contest for this website within the next three months.

Once Upon An Albatross… has had many different logos that I slapped together since it started off as a Wildcat! BBS in 1995 and went through many different website iterations over the last 17 years. (I sometimes kick myself for sticking with the BBS name and not naming the website something more reasonable.) This year I jettisoned the banner logo for plain text and put off on doing the replacement banner logo. With a logo design contest at 99designs, this might be easy to do and fun at the same time.

What would a new banner logo look like? I’m not sure. This is something that requires careful thought. If you don’t know what you want, the designers won’t be able to help.  A cartoon albatross maybe (but not the albatross from Walt Disney’s “The Rescuers”), little motifs from literary, BBS and Silicon Valley inspirations, and a design that can work well on different media (i.e., t-shirts and coffee mugs). It’ll be interesting to see what the designers come up with.

Unlike Jungle Bird, I won’t be able to add alcohol to create an instant brand.

The Jungle Bird Saga Continues

After appearing at the U.S. Open with his signature bird call to protest deforestation, Andrew “Jungle Bird” Dudley apologizes for what happened in a CNN interview.


He was also interviewed at 99designs in San Francisco, which is running a logo design contest for Jungle Bird.


British Drunkenness On USA TV Wasn’t A Crime

If you’re plastered at the U.S. Open golf tournament in San Francisco while wearing a British stocking cap and making bird calls before an American TV audience, it helps to be British with a slight resemblance to Simon Pegg. According to SFPD spokesman, public drunkenness wasn’t a crime since Andrew “Jungle Bird” Dudley had a ticket to be there. Only in San Francisco does that kind of wanker logic makes sense.