A Summer Trip To Boise, Idaho (Weiser Cemetery)

My father, Aunt Pat, and I came out to Weiser Cemetery (40 miles northwest of Boise) on Thursday to locate where my maternal parents got buried and make arrangements at the city hall to have her ashes buried between them. Weiser is a small town with a single stoplight. No would confirm if the county sheriff watches for people driving through a red light.

The following Monday, my father, Aunt Kris and I left my mother’s ashes inside a pencil box wrapped in black duct tape and a stuffed cat. This was first time my father was physically separated his wife of 42 years. We both cried all the away back to Boise.

Since my grandparents only had plate markers for their graves, my father ordered a family headstone for all three. A picture of the headstone got sent a month later.