The iPod Nano May Replace My iPod Touch

My first-generation iPod Touch that I got in 2008 has grown long in the tooth over the last few years. After I got my iPad 2 earlier this year, the only thing I use the Touch for is listening to audiobooks when I’m doing something boring and I need to keep my mind preoccupied. I’ve been wanting it to replace it with something new. With Apple’s recent announcement for the iPhone 5, iPods and iOS 6, I may have found the ideal replacement for my Touch. Surprisingly, it might be the Touch’s smaller cousin, the iPod Nano.

During my lunch break at work on Wednesday, I scanned through the various Mac news websites to learn what Apple had announced. The biggest disappointment was the iPod Touch family being split into two generations. The current fourth-generation Touch will be the low-end model at $199 USD, a thinner and much updated version of my first-generation Touch. The new fifth-generation Touch has the larger screen, 1080p HD camera and a dual-core A5 processor, starting at $299 USD.

If I wanted a fourth-generation Touch, I would have gotten it by now. While the fifth-generation Touch has a fantastic design, the price wasn’t so fantastic. If I’m going to spend $300 USD, I would wait to see if Apple introduces the iPad Mini—a smaller version of the current iPad—next month. If the fifth-generation Touch was available at $199, I might go for it. An updated Touch seems unlikely.

That leaves the iPod Nano. With the square video screen and limited functionality of the previous generation, I never considered this particular iPod to be useful for anything. The seventh-generaton Nano has a new 2.5″ video screen that can play videos in widescreen format. The built-in pedometer and FM radio receiver are nice features for the gym. Checking the compatibility list for Audible, my collection of audiobooks should work. At $149 USD, it’s priced just right.

Will I rush out to pre-order the new Nano? Not yet. A repair bill for a coolant leak and a possible head gasket failure lurking in the background on my car has cooled down my enthusiasm for a new tech toy at this time.

If I do get a new Nano, the hard part will be picking the color. I could go for black to match my black MacBook and black iPad. Green is a strong possibility. The other pastel colors don’t appeal that much to me. Something I won’t decide until I’m in an Apple store to look at it person—and my wallet has plenty of cash to spare.