Mitt Romney’s Desperate Campaign Fundraiser

Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee must be running out of the big donors to keep their 2012 presidential campaign running. I got three campaign solicitations in the mail last week to contribute $25 USD or more. Perhaps no one had told them that I belong to the bottom 1% crowd that can’t afford to give $25 USD or more, and a moderate conservative (i.e., Reagan Democrat) in California. If they’re hitting me up for money, they must be scraping the bottom of the contribution barrel in desperation.

Although I’m a registered Republican, I haven’t renewed my membership in the RNC since John McCain stopped being a maverick to pander to the right wing extremists in the 2008 presidential election. With Mitt Romney doubling down on the failed economic policies of the George W. Bush Administration, whom half of Republicans blame for the current state of the economy, I voted for NONE OF THE ABOVE in the primary election this month and may do so again in the general election in November.

I still want to know if Mitt Romney is a closet unicorn or not. If he can’t provide his birth certificate to prove he’s not a unicorn, another reason not to vote for him.