Piranha 3DD Hits Silicon Valley In One Theater

Seriously, only one movie theater in Silicon Valley is showing the instant cult classic movie, “Piranha 3DD,” in limited release today?

That’s probably because this 3D movie is also being released on demand via cable TV and through Facebook for half the price of a regular 3D movie ticket. The big question becomes whether or not to see David Hasselhoff get his due as a phony lifeguard while watching the “water-certified strippers” get eaten by the piranhas on the big screen or the small screen. A tough decision.

If that wasn’t jacked up enough, you need to have a Facebook account to view the age-restricted trailer on the official movie website. You only need to be 13-years-old with parental permission to join Facebook. Since I couldn’t figure out the privacy settings, I no longer have a Facebook account. I doubt there’s another age check to prevent young viewers from seeing the more explicit trailer.