State of The Website (Or, Lack Thereof)

My author website got a few significant updates that reflected my growing list of publication credits. A writing blog using WordPress CMS was soon abandoned and neglected after getting started, and a books page was added to list all the anthologies that are available with my short stories. (Please buy yourself some copies, read my short stories and make me rich.) I don’t plan to make a significant changes to the author website in the near future. I do plan to resume blogging on writing topics at least once a month.

I’ve been very busy with my business website (a.k.a., programming website) over the last month, reviewing and updating all mysoftware modules for Joomla. The Show TwitGoo, Show TwitPic, and Show Plixi (formerly TweetPhoto) modules were updated with new features. The Show TwitrPix module was added, which prompted another round of updates for the Show modules after I switched over the SimplePie RSS parser (better error reporting and foreign language support). Added the TwitPic Widget and TwitrPix Widget modules. I’m still plan to review and add more Flair modules for the Stack Exchange family of websites. I’m also learning how to write software components using the Joomla Framework API, which may result in all the Show modules becoming Show components. (Modules display simple content on the sides, tops or bottoms of a web page, whereas components display complex content in the center.) I’m focusing my programming efforts on becoming a Joomla developer for now. I don’t plan on adding a programming blog.

Once my programming tasks are done, I’ll turn my focus on finishing the transition of the legacy website here. Adding ten years of content is a daunting task, especially when that content is locked away in an old database, need to be manually moved over and updated to remove legacy web links that don’t work anymore. I’ve learned a lot about updating and maintaining Joomla websites over the summer. I should have that project done by the end of winter. (Maybe, maybe not, we will see.) I’m planning to resume blogging at least once a week. There are events going on in the world that I want to comment on and I need a bigger soapbox to do that.