Why I Hate Tea Baggers

One fellow wrote several long paragraphs comparing me to Rob Reiner and calling me a “meat head,” the slang term that Archie Bunker used for his son-in-law in “All in The Family” TV series.  I pretended I didn’t understand him.  I’m sure that many younger readers didn’t understand his reference to a TV series that’s been off the air for a generation.  I challenged him to take a class in English.  Another insult since that’s what the tea baggers hurl at anyone who has an accent, looks foreign or refuses to assimilate into the white-as-slice-bread melting pot.

His reply was swift: “You’re a loser.”

My reply was swifter: “Of course, I’m a loser. I’m a moderate conservative.”

How many intellectual brownie points did we score with that exchange?  Not much, if any.  Not that I was keeping track or even care about that.  You will find many windbags on WSJ who try to demonstrate their intellectual superiority in a barrage of words that mean nothing.  A politician’s stump speech would be more interesting in comparison, even if you heard 30 times or more during the course of the campaign.  As a fiction writer I keep my verbiage to a minimum to best communicate the human stupidity that I witness in all its forms

Poke, poke.  See how they growl, hiss and snarl.

I hate tea baggers.  If you listen to what they’re actually saying rather than accept the “sanitized” version presented by the Republican Party (the Rand Paul episode is a fine example), you soon realize these people have an agenda that would—in my opinion—tea bag America (i.e., in the sexual position).  For example, tea baggers want to return to the original U.S. Constitution without all those pesky amendments that outlawed slavery, allowed women and colored people the right to vote, electing senators directly by popular vote, limited presidents to two terms in office, and prohibited the non-payment of poll taxes to deny people the right to vote.  All the amendments that made modern America so great over the last 200 years is what the tea baggers don’t want.

I loved Non Sequitur’s take on this.  The heads of tea baggers should explode when they find out that their version of America is unwanted by anyone who can think for themselves and for society as a whole.  America needs to move forward into the future and not backward into the past.