OUAA Website Changes – December 2009

I mentioned last month about redoing this website over the New Year’s weekend.  Out of a pique of boredom last weekend, I redid the entire website using the Default template from JoomlaPraise.  Having recently redone my author and business websites, doing one more website wasn’t that difficult.  After finalizing all the changes and chasing down all the annoying details today, the redone website is now up.

There are probably some broken links lurking about.  Those will be taken care of later when I review the existing content.  Adding legacy content between Christmas and New Year’s Day is next on the agenda.  I have 100+ items from the last 12 years that need to be converted over.  Check the change log to see what is being added.

I’m planning to resume regular blogging this week.  With all the programming, website redesigns, and writing that I been doing for the last three months, I haven’t had much enthusiasm to be blogging two or three times a week.  The New Year will not be any less challenging.  If everything goes to plan, I’ll be shopping around my first novel (two volumes) and two short story collections, and finishing the rough draft of my second novel.  The rhythm of working on longer projects should make blogging easy.