WonderCon 2009

Carrie Fisher AutographMy friend told me that the line for WonderCon 2009 at Moscone Center was similar to standing in line for a keynote address by Steve Jobs. Since the comic book convention split one hall between the registration area and the exhibit floor, the support beams for the convention center in the registration area reminded me of the ship support areas on the “Battlestar Galactica” TV show. I was more focused on attending the panels rather than looking at the exhibit floor. One day isn’t enough time for a convention like this.

The “Pandorum” panel was interesting. After seeing a trailer for a new sci-fi horror movie from the creators of “Resident Evil” movies, with strong hints of “Alien” and “Event Horizon” in the storytelling, three unknown cast members who had no clue what to talk about except make lame jokes about a sex tape on the future DVD release.

The “Star Trek” panel showed a new trailer that actually made me believe that this will be a successful re-launching of the franchise. My favorite part was Dr. McCoy (Karl Urban) pointing out that the Enterprise doesn’t have a captain or a second-in-command, and Kirk (Chris Pine) saying, “Actually, you do,” before taking the captain chair himself. The panel had a wide-ranging discussion about being faithful to the original series while breaking new ground. A second movie may happen if a good enough script comes along.

Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher from “Star Wars” were signing autographs. I got an autographed picture of Princess Leia in the slave girl costume. Surprisingly, I saw only one woman wearing the slave girl costume. I was quite speechless in Carrie’s presence. “What’s your name? Is that C-H-R-I-S? Here you go.” I didn’t have the courage to admit that I totally missed her cameo in “Fanboys” because I didn’t recognize her as being a doctor.

While walking around the exhibit floor, we saw a bunch of guys dressed up as Dr. Manhattan from the forthcoming “Watchmen” movie in blue body paint, wearing Speedos and sandals while walking around the exhibit floor. One guy was a spitting image of the character. The others should have gone to jail for indecent exposure. I suggested since we’re in San Francisco, we could get some blue body paint, walk around naked, and no one would notice. (For normal naked people wandering around the streets, go to Berkeley across the bay.) Unfortunately, we didn’t have the tall, thin and muscular physique that the Dr. Manhattan character requires. We would more than likely be mistaken for a pair of naked “Smurfs” and be beaten to death by the “Star Wars” stormtroopers running around the place.