Returning To School For Fall Semester

School started yesterday at San Jose City College. I’m two classes short of getting my associate degree in computer programming. The two classes I’m taking this semester I really don’t need except to satisfy my curiosity and pass the time.

Finite Math is a Tuesday/Thursday night class in the new science building that’s not quite finished yet, as only the upstairs classrooms is available for use. I’m not sure if I like the new building yet. The grey floors, white walls and ivory counter tops that are appropriate for a laboratory, but don’t work well for a classroom. Finite Math is one of the few math classes I didn’t take during my first tour through college in the early 1990’s.

Unix Administration II is Monday nights. This class might get cancelled due to low enrollment. An article in the San Jose Mercury News described how the state universities are overwhelmed by a baby boomlet of new students entering the system and some classes have a waiting list for the waiting list. Seem like more people are on campus now than last semester. That doesn’t change the numbers for the computer department since, as Steve Jobs once said about the product lines after returning to Apple, there’s no sex in those computers anymore.