Finishing Finals & Playing Video Games

Got finals this week at San Jose City College. The statistics final on Saturday morning will be fun. I got an appointment with the dean to request waivers for the three classes that I need to finish my associate degree in computer programming. Due to low enrollment this semester, all three classes got cancelled and not being offered next semester. If the dean grants my request, I can file the waivers and the graduation paperwork with admissions and records office.

With the few spare moments that I have when I’m not busy reading and commenting on Slashdot, I’ve been playing the “Castlevania Double Pack” for the Gameboy Advance, which includes the two games, “Harmony of Dissonance” and “Aria of Sorrow.” I love playing games these classic side-stroller games of fighting monsters in old castles. I’m planning to get a Nintendo DS Lite to play “Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin” comes out in October.