The Finer Point Of Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s Cover

Bloomberg BusinessWeek Cover 07152013Bad enough that Bloomberg BusinessWeek got Silicon Valley’s history wrong, they took that wrongness to their recent magazine cover. If a hedge fund manager un-zipped his pants, either a manly green arrow shoots up to the heavens or something plops out to flop around like a dead fish. Erectile dysfunction at its best.

Interestingly, the video introducing the cover design in the magazine iPad app states that this cover wasn’t in reference to any particular article inside the current issue.

The feature article is about the former hedge fund manager who bought Sears, organized the retail chain into 30 business units to fight over limited resources, and the stores are battle grounds for wary customers. Maybe readers need to draw their own conclusion from the cover that the former hedge fund manager is something of a (failing) prick.

Back in the 1990’s, The Economist ran a cover with a pair of fornicating camels for a feature story on troublesome mergers. I think Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s new cover has managed to top that one off (pun intended).