YouTube Community Roundup 11/6/2021

The following community posts were posted on my YouTube channel this week.

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“Spot Me Up” – The Rolling Stones & Boston Dynamics Parody #SHORT

When I saw the Rolling Stones and Boston Dynamics “Start Me Up” music video, I had to do a Windows parody shorts video. Microsoft paid the Rolling Stones $3M US to license the song and perform at the Windows 95 product launch. Enjoy!

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Age of Empire IV Trailer

Age of Empire IV came out last week. The original Age of Empires in 1997 was THE GAME to play when I worked at Accolade (later bought out by Infogrames and renamed Atari). I sucked at multiplayer when playing with the other testers. I was always the first one to get wiped out. You have 15 minutes to set up your production and generate combat units before the fighting began. I’ve never mastered that part of the multiplayer game. I liked playing long single player games on large maps. I’m planning to get AOE4 but not at $60 US. Valve Steam might have it on sale for Black Friday.

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Sara Dietschy Interviews Mark Zuckerberg

Sara Dietschy, rhymes with peachy, interviewed Mark Zuckerberg about the Meta memes and the Metaverse. This interview was a bit surprising. Mark still comes off as a robot.

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