Will Stan Lee Cancel At Silicon Valley Comic Con? – SVCC 2018

After Stan Lee of Marvel Comics canceled his appearance at ComicCon Asia 2018 in Manila this week, will he still appear at Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 next month? According to The Daily Beast, vultures and charlatans are keeping Stan Lee isolated from the public and picking away at his wealth. Find out why I think Stan Lee won’t be at Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018.

The Daily Beast

When I posted “How to Get Stan Lee’s Autograph” three weeks ago, I glossed over the troubles that he was having in his personal life since it wasn’t relevant to getting his autograph.

According to The Daily Beast, Stan Lee’s troubles began after his wife, Joan, passed away last year. Without his wife to manage his personal affairs, he became very vulnerable to those around him—manager, bodyguard, nurses, and even his own daughter—who are more than willing to help themselves to his money and point fingers at each other.

While the article covered the many issues surrounding Stan Lee, I’m going to talk about the one issue that affected my previous video.

Sexual Harassment Claims

Accusations were made earlier this year that Stan Lee had sexually harassed a half-dozen nurses who took care of him at his Beverley Hills home. Accusations that most fans rejected out of hand, as the 95-year-old Stan Lee would have to be in good health and vitality to demand blow jobs and rip off skirts.

The accusations fit the hashtag-me-too narrative of yet another powerful man exploiting vulnerable women in Hollywood. I delayed the making of my video for a month to see how the accusations would pan out. I had no intention of making a video about the Harvey Weinstein of the comic book world.

The accusations ran for a week before dropping from the headlines.

According to The Daily Beast, the bodyguard offered $50,000 cash bribes for the nurses to make similar accusations against Stan Lee’s 67-year-old daughter, JC, who will inherit everything from her father. If that is true, then the sexual harassment accusations against Stan Lee fall apart.

Guest Shenanigans

If you have been paying attention to the Silicon Valley Comic Con website in recent weeks, you may have noticed a curious trend regarding guest announcements.

Actor Jeff Goldblum, well known for his appearances in “Jurassic Park,” “Independence Day, and “Thor: Ragnarok,” got announced as a guest. His autograph and photo op tickets went on sale.

A few weeks later, his autograph and photo op tickets disappeared from the website without explanation. Speculation ran rampant that there was a glitch, tickets were sold out, or his appearance got cancelled. It was later announced that Jeff Goldblum cancelled his one day appearance at Silicon Valley Comic Con.

Stan Lee’s autograph and photo op tickets disappeared without explanation shortly thereafter. Speculation, once again, ran rampant that there was a glitch, tickets were sold out, or his appearances got cancelled.

His autograph and photo op tickets returned to the website as being “sold out” for now. Organizers are negotiating with his management team to have him do more autographs and photo ops.

I doubt that will happen.

The management team has cancelled Stan Lee’s appearances at Wizard World Comic Con in St. Louis and Cleveland, and just recently ComicCon Asia in Manila. I think it is more likely that the management team will also cancel Stan Lee’s appearance at Silicon Valley Comic Con.

Stan Lee’s Lost Dog Found

If there’s any good news out of this sad state of affairs, TMZ reported that Stan Lee’s recently lost dog, Charlotte, was found and returned by football legend Jim Brown, who lives in the same neighborhood. How Stan Lee’s dog got loose in the neighborhood will probably be the subject of a future Daily Beast article.

UPDATED 3/17/2018: Stan Lee is no longer listed as a guest and his SOLD OUT ticket listings were removed from the website.

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