Will Michael Myers Return After Halloween Ends?

Will Michael Myers Return After Halloween Ends?

Will Michael Myers return after the end of “Halloween Ends”?

If you’ve seen the movie, there’s no way in hell that he can return for another movie. Unless the next movie is set in Hell with Jason and Freddie. A “Halloween,” “Friday the 13th,” and “Nightmare on Elm Street” crossover is unlikely to happen.

The new movie is Jamie Lee Curtis’s last “Halloween” movie. The series could reboot with a different cast like it did for the two Rob Zombie movies in the late 2000s. The final scene of “Halloween Ends” hints at a possible sequel without Michael Myers.

That depends on whether the boogieman was inside the man or the mask.

Halloween Movies & Timelines

Before I deep dive into the ending of “Halloween Ends,” we need to talk about the other movies and timelines. The original movie came out in 1978. The 12 movies since then have fallen into five different timelines.

  • The Sequel timeline to “Halloween” includes “Halloween 2” in 1981, “Halloween 4” in 1988, “Halloween 5” in 1989, and “The Curse of Michael Myers” in 1995.
  • The H20 timeline to “Halloween 2” includes “H20” in 1998 and “Resurrections” in 2002
  • The H40 timeline to “Halloween” includes “Halloween” in 2018, “Halloween Kills” in 2021, and the recent “Halloween Ends” in 2022.
  • The Reboot timeline by Rob Zombie includes “Halloween” in 2007 and “Halloween 2” in 2009.
  • The Anthology timeline has only “Halloween 3: Season of The Witch” in 1982.

Out of these five timelines, I’ve seen the original movie, the three H20 movies, and the recent H40 movie.

The H20 timeline follows Jamie Lee Curtis from “Halloween” to “Resurrections.” Although Jamie Lee Curtis was in the H40 timeline, I wasn’t interested in the first two movies when they came out. I saw “Halloween Ends” because Stephen King tweeted that it wasn’t a rehash and character driven.

Halloween Ends Relationships

“Halloween Ends” is a very different “Halloween” movie because it has relationships. The primary relationship is Corey, played by Rohan Campbell, and Michael Myers.

The movie opens with a freak babysitting accident that kills the kid on Halloween night in 2019. One year after Michael Myers disappeared at the end of “Halloween Kills.”

Fast forward to 2022, Michael Myers has been gone for four years and Corey is the town’s stand-in boogeyman. No one is willing to forget what happened that Halloween night even though a court cleared him of manslaughter. He works at his father’s automotive salvage yard because the colleges won’t accept him.

Laurie, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, inadvertently introduces to Corey to Michael. She intervenes when a group of teenagers harass him at a gas station and gives him a knife to defend himself. The teenagers later throw him off a bridge and he landed in front of a sewer entrance.

Corey unintentionally kills the old homeless man channeling the “spirit” of Michael Myers. He later discovers the body is gone and finds a weakened Michael Myers inside the sewer. The relationship between them shifted from kindred spirits to master and apprentice.

When Corey goes on his own killing spree, he discards the scarecrow mask and takes Michael Myer’s mask. Their relationship ends at Laurie’s house on Halloween night. As there can only be one boogeyman. Michael Meyer regains his mask and confronts Laurie for the last time.

The final scene shows Laurie packing up her house to move and the mask sitting out on the coffee table.

Friday The 13th: The Series

A TV series called “Friday the 13th: The Series” ran for three seasons in the late 1980s. The show had nothing to do with the characters and locations from the “Friday the 13th” movies. The original title was “The 13th Hour” and the last name of the antique shop owner was Vendredi (or “Friday” in French). Hence, “Friday the 13th.”

The owner died after breaking his pact with the devil to sell cursed items and the devil claimed his soul. A niece and a cousin inherited the store, decided not to keep it, and started selling off the items. A friend of the owner convinced them to get the items back before the evil could spread. The customers who discovered the magic of the cursed items were unwilling to give them back.

Some of the episodes rivaled the best episodes of Rob Sterling’s “Twilight Zone” TV series. This was where I got the idea that the mask in the final scene of “Halloween Ends” might be cursed. Anyone wearing the cursed mask could become the boogieman and go on a slashing rampage. Especially on Halloween night.

The cursed mask wasn’t a new idea to the “Halloween” series.

Shamrock Factory Alternative Ending

“Halloween 3: Season of the Witch” in 1982 was so awful that the movie sits alone in the anthology timeline. Most fans pretend that the movie never existed. The series wasn’t revived until “Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers” came out.

The Silver Shamrock factory makes cursed Halloween masks that turn anyone into the boogieman. This time in a small town in Northern California.

“Halloween Ends” director, David Gordon Green, admitted that he had an ending that was in the script but never filmed. Where the manufacturing line at the Silver Shamrock factory started making Michael Myer’s masks. That ending would tie “Halloween Ends” back to “Halloween 3” and bring that movie back into the H40 timeline.

Only a few fans would have appreciated that particular ending.

We all know that a slasher series like “Halloween” never ever ends. Like our favorite boogeyman, new movies will always come out. Will we see cursed masks in the next “Halloween” movie? Maybe, maybe not.

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