Will In-Person Comic Cons Return In 2021?

Many in-person comic cons last year postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Star Trek Las Vegas Con cancelled for last month and announced August 11-15, 2021, at the Rio Suites Hotel. SiliCon With Adam Savage announced August 27-29, 2021, at the San Jose Convention Center. BayCon postponed to 2021 but sent out an email last month that they are postponing until 2022. Will in-person comic cons return in 2021?

Star Trek Las Vegas

The last video I did about Star Trek Las Vegas was about Creation Entertainment needing an Act of God. If the coronavirus kept Las Vegas shut down in August, they would have no choice but to postpone. That would allow them to file for an Act of God claim on their business interruption policy to cover any losses.

That didn’t happen.

People were in a hurry to reopen the economy and insurance companies weren’t in a hurry to cover any claims. Creation rescheduled from August to December at a different hotel. When the coronavirus got worse going into the holidays, they postpone to August 2021.

SiliCon With Adam Savage

While SiliCon With Adam Savage postponed to 2021, it became a monthly virtual con since September. Adam Savage announced the dates for SiliCon in his introduction to the Mandalorian workshop. When he hesitated to announce the year, I thought he would say 2022 instead. I haven’t seen those dates posted on Facebook, Twitter, or their website yet.


The first and last time I attended BayCon was back in 2006 when it was still in San Jose. A friend and I visited another friend who ran the projector in the anime room that year.

BayCon has been at the San Mateo Marriot in recent years. Like many comic cons in 2020, the organizers also postponed until 2021. That was until they announced postponing until 2022.

BayCon’s postponement to 2022 seems like a canary in the coal mine moment for in-person comic cons. If you saw my coronavirus video from last week, it took the world five years to recover from the 1918 Spanish flu. We are entering the second year of the coronavirus pandemic. I very much doubt that any in-person events will resume later this summer. Or even in 2022.

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