Will $20 Mini Vac Replace $700 Dyson Cleaner for Your PC?

Do you need a $700 USD Dyson vacuum cleaner to clean out your PC?

My short answer is: Oh, hell no.

A month ago I posted a reaction video when five of my favorite tech channels posted similar unboxing videos for the $700 USD Dyson V10 Cyclone Absolute vacuum cleaner unboxing within a short time span. Since these channels share more or less the same audience, it was a collective Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment for those of us who were looking at our subscription feed that afternoon.

Eber at Hardware Canucks made a big show of using a $700 USD vacuum cleaner to clean out a PC during his review video. Dmitry, also at Hardware Canucks, joked about getting Dyson after cleaning a dusty heatsink with what looked like a shop vac hose in a recent video.

Not even Dyson gives away $700 USD vacuum cleaners to YouTube reviewers.

Why spend $700 USD on a Dyson vacuum cleaner when you get this this $20 USD Livion mini vacuum cleaner from Amazon?

The mini vacuum cleaner can be powered by a USB-to-barrel connector of four AAA batteries. I recommend using rechargeable batteries instead of the included USB cable. The USB connector will provide only five volts of power. Four 1.5V AAA batteries will provide 6V of power. The difference of an extra volt is a bit more suckage.

This $20 USD Livion vacuum cleaner does the job just as well as a $700 USD Dyson vacuum cleaner for your PC. Of course, no vacuum cleaner is a cure all for cleaning your PC. You will also need a can of compressed air and a microfiber cloth to clean up your PC.

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