Why I Buy $20 US Mouse When I Have $300 US Keyboard

I tweeted last month that I replaced the Cougar Minos X5 mouse with the Cougar Minos X2 mouse. The scroll wheel on the X5 became “twitchy” when cycling through inventory in FortNite. The last thing I want to pull out during a firefight is an unloaded weapon. The X2 was half the cost of the X5, similar in size, and didn’t have RGB. That created a controversy for some viewers of my YouTube channel. Why do I buy a $20 US mouse when I have a $300 keyboard on my desk?

Blackmagic Speed Editor Keyboard

Davinci Resolve Cut Page with Speed Editor Keyboard

The Blackmagic Speed Editor keyboard works only the Davinci Resolve video editor. On the cut page, I can set the in-and-out markers and append clips to the timeline with the press of a few buttons and the scroll wheel. A 15-minute long talking head video becomes five minutes of clips ready for editing. This specialized keyboard is heavy, built like a tank, and will last for years.

Davinci Resolve Studio USB Stick with Pull to Eject Keychain

The Blackmagic Speed Editor keyboard retails for $300 US. But I didn’t pay $300 US for this keyboard. I got the keyboard for FREE as part of a Davinci Resolve Studio bundle. I paid $300 US for a USB stick that I can plug into any PC to run the paid version of Davinci Resolve.

What’s the differences between the free and paid versions of Davinci Resolve?

  • The free version of Davinci Resolve works only with the CPU for processing. That makes working with a 4K timeline and special effects difficult.
  • The paid version of Davinci Resolve works on the CPU and the GPU for processing. That makes working with a 4K timeline and special effects easier.

Paying $300 US for software was well worth it.

$20 US for A Mouse

Why did I buy the Cougar Minos X2 mouse for $20 US?

Or the Cougar Minos X5 mouse for $20 US when it was on sale in July 2020?

Or any basic Logitech or Microsoft mouse for $20 US in last ten years?

I even buy regular keyboards like the Logitech K120 for $20 US.

The reason why I buy regular keyboards and mice for $20 US is that I replaced them every year or two.

Price Tag VS Good Enough

Would paying more for a keyboard or mouse make it last longer?

I’ve used the Microsoft ergonomic split keyboard for 20 years. Every six to seven years, I would pay $70 US for a new ergonomic keyboard. Microsoft couldn’t leave a good design alone and I didn’t like the newer redesigns. When it came time to replace the keyboard a few years ago, I didn’t get another ergonomic keyboard.

I got the Logitech K120 keyboard for $20 US. The same keyboard I took to my day job to replace the generic Dell keyboard. I got that keyboard since coworkers were less likely to walk off with a $20 US keyboard. After using the K120 for five years at my day job, it was good enough for my home office.

Being good enough is a better indicator than the price tag.

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