When The Amazon Hub Locker Door Doesn’t Open

You get an email notification that a package has arrived at the Amazon Hub in your apartment complex. You go to the Amazon Hub to scan the barcode or type in the code from your cellphone. You hear a parcel door clicking somewhere in the Amazon Hub. You see an error message on the touchscreen to call a service number for help. What do you do now? I recently went through that at the Amazon Hub in my own apartment complex.

Locker Doors “Stick” in Cold Weather

What I found out from a maintenance person passing by that some locker doors won’t open in cold weather. We pushed on all the locker doors to close them. But no matter how many times I tried my code, the locker door wouldn’t open. The clicking sound reminded me of the “click of death” that old hard drives use to make before they died.

Calling The Service Number

I called the service number on the touchscreen. This is the same service number located on a sticker above the touchscreen. The service representative, Diane, asked me a series of questions.

  • Was this an Amazon package or a third-party package?
  • What was the email address for my Amazon order?
  • What was my name, street address, and zip code for the Amazon order?
  • What was the name of the Amazon Hub, the name of the apartment complex, and the street address?
  • Was the Amazon Hub outdoors and what the weather was like?

For the last question, I told her that the Amazon Hub was outdoors, and the current temperature was in the low 40s. Since I live in California, I was wearing a hoodie and shorts.

Unsticking The Locker Door

Diane told me the code and I typed that into the keypad. There was no clicking sound this time around, and no locker door opened. The touchscreen, however, indicated that the door was open. She told me how to find the package. From left to right of the Amazon Hub, count nine boxes. From top to bottom, count nine boxes. The locker door was open by a tiny bit.

I put my finger into the gap between locker doors, pulled open the locker door, and got my package. If I couldn’t open the door, I was to press locker door to close it and try the code again. That was how I got my package after the locker door refused to open.


  1. Our locker sucks! Doors are always getting stuck or the package is not in the locker! Many times Amazon packages are just left on the ground and they get stolen all the time. Our locker is not a safe delivery option. Amazon does not even attempt to deliver to my apartment – I am SOOOO… done with Amazon. There are lots of other online vendors.

    1. If you’re having problems with the Amazon Hub at your apartment complex, take it up with the leasing office (which paid ~$50K US up front to install) and call the support number above the touch screen. The Amazon service rep can put a note on your account to deliver packages to your apartment instead of the Hub.

  2. I left work 2:30 am this morning to get my package. door wouldn’t open. This has happened before and it’s summer.. i’m home now and today is the last day to pick it up. I’m off and don’t feel like going out. I’ll just reorder. This is annoying, I love it when it works the main reason I pay for prime. Thanks for your post, at least I know I’m not alone in this.

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