What to Expect From T-Mobile/Mint Mobile Merger #SHORTS

What to Expect From T-Mobile/Mint Mobile Merger #SHORTS

T-Mobile is buying the parent company of Mint Mobile and two other cellphone brands, Ultra Mobile and Plum, for $1.35 billion. Since Ryan Reynolds has a 25% stake, his cut from the deal is a cool $337.5 million. Not a bad return on a four-year-old investment.

What does this mean for current Mint Mobile customers? Only two things are set in stone: the $15 per month pricing and Ryan Reynolds being the face of Mint Mobile.

Pricing for the $15 per month plan will stay the same. What features you might get for $15 per month may change. As for the $30 per month unlimited plan, pricing and features may very well change.

As for Ryan Reynolds, can he still rant about the big carriers after selling out to a big carrier?

NOTE: Check out the longer version of this blog post.

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