Watching Movies Indoors At AMC Theaters Again

AMC Theaters in Silicon Valley reopened for three weeks last November. During that time, I saw “Tenet,” “Goldfinger,” and “Freaky.” When AMC Theaters reopened last week, I saw “Raya and The Last Dragon.” Here are the three biggest surprises between then and now.


The first big surprise took place when walking into the lobby. The only thing I had to do was show the ticket QR code in the app for scanning. I didn’t have to fill out a contact form that the county could use to trace an outbreak. I didn’t have a thermometer gun pointed at my forehead to check my temperature. Those extra measures may no longer apply in Silicon Valley. You still have to wear a mask while inside the building, unless you’re eating or drinking at your seats.


The second biggest surprise was finding concessions open. Never mind that the website listed concessions as closed for this location. That little detail didn’t change on the website until a few days ago. A plexiglass shield separates customers from employees at the counter. A handwritten note states, “No Cash.” The payment card reader and the Stubs card scanner were on the customer side of the shield. After placing your order, you scan your AMC Stubs card and insert your payment card when prompted.

The food selection was limited to popcorn and packaged candies. The drink cups had the lid attached and the wrapped straw inserted into the lid. The three available soda machines had limited selections.

  • The first machine had Coke and Sprite only.
  • The second machine had Diet Coke and Fanta flavors.
  • The third machine had ice only.

Remember to unwrap the straw after filling up and before putting the lid back on.


The third biggest surprise was “Raya And The Last Dragon” being an exceptionally good Disney movie. Everything about this movie from the animation to the voice acting was amazing. Although this movie is available in theaters, Disney Plus subscribers can pay an extra $30 USD to see it online from home. Seeing “Raya and The Last Dragon” in Dolby was a better experience.

I’m looking forward to seeing more movies at the theaters. I already got my ticket to watch “Godzilla Versus Kong” in Dolby on opening day.

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