Visiting San Jose’s FoodieLand Night Market

Visiting San Jose’s FoodieLand Night Market

Last weekend I went to the FoodieLand Night Market at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds in San Jose. Over 170 vendors served food from around the world. Tickets were $7 per person (online only) and parking was $15 (credit card only). Vendors accepted cash and credit cards.

FoodieLand Night Market started at Berkeley in the summer of 2019. They rebounded from the COVID-19 shutdown and the pandemic restrictions of the last three years. Hosting 15+ annual events throughout California and Las Vegas.

As far as I know, this was their first time in San Jose.

Parking At The Fairgrounds

My friend and I had planned to park at Lot A on Tully Road. Across the street from the main entrance to the fairgrounds. The line to enter that parking lot was four blocks long and a 30-minute wait.

We drove past Lot A, turned left on to Monterey Road, and made a U-turn to enter Lot D. That line was only ten minute long.

We entered the fairgrounds through the back entrance at 6:00 PM.

Walking The Festival

FoodieLand Night Market is a like large art and wine festival. Less art, more food. Less wine, more beer. If you’re a wine snob, you could have gotten your fruit juice in an adult-sized baby bottle.

The food festival had two music stages. A DJ played pop and techno music on the stage near the rear entrance. A singer performed on the stage near the front entrance. Both stages offered plenty of seats for eating, drinking and listening.

We spent 20 minutes walking around and looking at the booths.

Eating Japanese Food

We bought from Kinnits, a Japanese pop-up restaurant. My friend got an Imperial Wagyu Slider for $20. I got the Truffle Duck Fries for $14. We spent 20 minutes waiting for our food.

Since the battery in my iPhone XR ran out sooner than expected, I don’t have any video of the food.

My friend loved his wagyu hamburger. The truffle duck fries that I had had an interesting taste. This was my first-time trying truffles on anything. We spent 20 minutes eating our food.

FoodieLand Night Market returns to the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds on September 8-10, 2023.

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