Trying Out AMC Theatres Gourmet Oreo Popcorn #SHORTS

Trying Out AMC Theatres Gourmet Oreo Popcorn #SHORTS

As an AMC Theatres shareholder, I got a free single Gourmet Oreo Popcorn. I took advantage of that offer when I saw “Cocaine Bear” last weekend.

The single serving of the Gourmet Oreo Popcorn came in a tall cup. The Oreo cookie crumbs had a rich flavor that tasted better than the Most Oreo Oreo cookies. The cold unsalted and unbuttered popcorn tasted like flavorless marshmallows.

Would I pay $10 to $12 for this? No.

Since I stopped drinking sodas six months ago, movie theater food tastes bad anyway.

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