Am I Too Fat, Too Old & Too Ugly For YouTube?

When I started posting YouTube videos on a regular basis two years ago, my dedicated band of trolls told me that I was too fat, too old and too ugly for YouTube.

  • Back then — and still today — I weighed 350 pounds. That puts me on the lighter side of Boogie2988, who is currently under 400 pounds.
  • Back then I was 48 and I’m now 50. That puts me 55 years younger than the 105-year-old Indian grandmother with her own cooking channel.
  • As for being too ugly, it is what it is. I just make sure I keep my beard trimmed and get a haircut every other month.

After 150+ videos, 60,000+ views and 200+ subscribers, I don’t hear much from my dedicated band of trolls. Nothing shuts up trolls like consistent hard work over time.

My channel has four categories for videos: comic cons, pop culture, Silicon Valley and technology.

What I learned in 2019 was that I only have two categories: pop culture and technology. Comic cons and Silicon Valley as separate categories were almost always tied to public events. There has been fewer public events in recent years. Probably because the San Francisco Bay Area has gotten too expensive for some events. Comic cons will blend into pop culture and Silicon Valley will blend into technology.

On that note, I will no longer be posting a new video every Sunday and occasional bonus videos during the week. I’ll be posting two new videos every week with pop culture on Sundays and technology on Wednesdays. That’s the plan for now and it could change in the months ahead.

This past year my channel has doubled in view, doubled in watch time, and quadrupled in subscribers. I’m expecting 2020 to do just as well.

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