The Return of Ro Laren (“Star Trek: Picard”) #SHORTS

The Return of Ro Laren (“Star Trek: Picard”) #SHORTS

This week’s episode of “Star Trek: Picard” re-introduces a character we haven’t see in 30 years. Ro Laren played by Michelle Forbes.

The last time we saw Ro was in season seven of “Star Trek: The Next Generations.” Captain Picard sent her to infiltrate the Marquis for rebelling against the Federation. She defected from Starfleet to join the Marquis—and betrayed Picard’s trust in her.

The recriminations between her and Picard flies fast and furious. Their mutual pain from the last 30 years proved to each other that they weren’t Changelings.

Ro reveals to Picard that Changelings have compromised the highest levels of Starfleet. She hands him her Bajoran earring that is a data chip with all her investigation files. And then she gets killed in a shuttle explosion.

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