The Earth’s Inner May Have Stopped Spinning #SHORTS

The Earth’s Inner May Have Stopped Spinning #SHORTS

Research suggests that the Earth’s solid inner core may have stopped spinning and could spin backwards. The inner core spins independently of the liquid outer core and the planetary rotation.

The core spins one way for a while, stopping, and spins the other way for a while. A complete rotation takes 70 years. The last rotation change took place in the 1970s and the next rotation change will be in the mid-2040s.

Some media outlets ran headlines that skipped the “inner” part of the Earth’s core. Some people may translate that as, “We’re all gonna to die!” Those kinds of headlines will get clicks.

For the non-scientist reading those articles, there’s not a whole lot of there there. Few people will bother to click on the link to the research report. Fewer people will pay ten bucks to rent the report for 48 hours and read beyond the first page.

Unless you’re a geophysicist, it’s all gobbledygook anyway.

NOTE: Check out the longer version of this short video.

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