The Addams Family Spooky Black Cherry ICEE

Over the Columbus Day holiday weekend, my friend and I saw three movies: The Addams Family, Jexi and Gemini Man. The Addams Family was faithful to the original New Yorker cartoons and still had the sense of humor from the 1960s TV series. Jexi was a sometimes funny and mostly cringe worthy tale about letting your cellphone AI become your virtual girlfriend. Gemini Man in the 60 frames-per-second (FPS) 3D version look like a BBC TV production, and the BBC could have done a better job with the script. Besides seeing three movies in one weekend, I was also excited to drink The Addams Family Spooky Black Cherry ICEE at two different AMC Theaters in Silicon Valley. Because of the blue food coloring to make the black cherry ICEE appear black, I had green poop for a week.

Black cherry is a flavor that I don’t often get to have. If I find a drink that is available in black cherry, I just get it. While I was at Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019, I wasn’t going spend $30 for a mug and $5 per day for refills to drink Wild Bill’s Soda. That was until I discovered that they had black cherry soda on the tap. Wild Bill’s Soda makes the best black cherry soda that I had ever tasted in my life. Black cherry and other flavors from Wild Bill’s Soda are available as 12-packs from Amazon.

The Addams Family Spooky Black Cherry ICEE is available at AMC Theaters for a limited time. The black cherry is 100% artificial flavoring and 0% fruit juice. The flavoring strength is right in the middle, neither weak nor strong. The coloring is not a dark cherry red as you would expect from black cherry, but almost black from an excessive amount of blue food coloring. That food coloring will haunt you in two ways.

The first time I had the black cherry ICEE, the food coloring that turned my tongue black was thick as chalk and very gross. Kids may get a kick out of their tongue being black and gross. As an adult, I could live without it. When my friend and I went to a different AMC theater to see Gemini Man, the flavoring was the same but the food coloring on my tongue was much lighter and less gross.

While the blue food coloring is harmless, expect your poop to turn green for days. Green poop is often an indication that it traveled too fast through the intestines, too much green leafy vegetables, or blue food coloring mixing with the yellowish bile from the liver. After drinking black cherry ICEE for three days, I had green poop for a week. When I saw Zombieland: Double Tap this past weekend, I didn’t get the black cherry ICEE. I got a regular Coke instead. As much as I love black cherry, I could do without having the gross tongue and the green poop.


  1. Addams family black cherry icee also turned my poop green. I had 1 icee on November 5 and I have pooped green the last 2 days. There should be warning label on the dispenser

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