Should You STILL BUY The Opal C1 Webcam?

Should You STILL BUY The Opal C1 Webcam?

While watching a recent episode of Front Page Tech, I paid attention to the two-minute sponsorship spot. The Opal C1 webcam for the Apple Macintosh is now available for order. If that webcam looked familiar, Casey Neistat gushed about its DSLR video quality on Twitter in January 2022.

A year-and-a-half later, should you still buy the Opal C1 webcam?

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Are Male Content Creators Obligated to Talk About Abortion?

Photo by Free Walking Tour Salzburg on Unsplash

The morning after the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade to end 50 years of legalized abortion, a new video appeared in my YouTube feed.

Daniel Batal and Roberto Blake recorded a livestream at VidCon in Anaheim, California. The first in-person gathering of YouTube content creators since the pandemic started over two years ago. The topic that their channels have in common was growing on YouTube in 2022.

The timing looked bad. Never mind that abortion and content creation are unrelated topics. Neither Batal nor Blake would make abortion-related videos on their channels, as it wasn’t a suitable topic for their respective audiences.

I figured someone would virtue signal off that video to condemn them on Twitter. That did happen but in two different ways.

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Silicon Valley Auto Show Postponed Until 2023

The Silicon Valley Auto Show got cancelled due to the coronavirus in 2021. The 2022 show was scheduled for January at the San Jose Convention Center, and later postponed to July at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Not anymore. This year’s show got postponed to February 2023 at the Santa Clara Convention center. Not because of the coronavirus, but supply chain issues.

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THE TRUTH About 4K Webcams for Virtual Meetings

Casey Neistat tweeted out about the Opal C1 webcam. The first professional webcam that has better 4K video quality than a DSLR camera. Casey asked in his tweet, “Why hasn’t anyone done this yet? As I replied in my own tweet, most virtual meeting software uses only 720p video. The truth about 4K webcams for everyone else is that they add nothing to virtual meetings.

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Boogie2988 Castle Doctrine VS Stand Your Ground #SHORTS

Boogie2988 made two mistakes in confronting a stalker and shooting a warning shot. He stepped outside of his home and mishandled his gun in public. There’s some confusion about the legality of his actions. Was it the castle doctrine or stand your ground law? For Boogie, in the state of Arkansas, it was neither.

Boogie2988 Booked Into Jail — Two Mistakes #SHORTS

Police booked video game YouTuber Boogie2988 for firing his gun last year. A banned YouTuber and stalker, Frank Hassle, came over to over house uninvited in September 2020. Boogie walked out the front door with his gun pointed at the stalker and fired a warning shot in the air. He made two mistakes during this confrontation: stepping outside of his home and firing his gun in public.