Casey Neistat VS Wildfire Smoke #SHORTS

Casey Neistat VS Wildfire Smoke #SHORTS

According to Casey Neistat, New York City has the worst air quality on the planet. From my perspective in California, I’ve seen much worse from the annual wildfires. Or when Pacific Gas & Electric tries to burn down the state.

Wildfire smoke from Canada is blowing down into New York City and the East Coast. Many people there haven’t experienced that kind of air quality since the 1960s. One way to protect yourself while outside is to wear a face mask.

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California Burning Down—Lightning Sieges, Wildfires & Air Quality

Last week I woke up to a brilliant light show over Silicon Valley. A heatwave in California and moisture from a tropical storm off the coast of Mexico triggered the most intense dry lightning activity ever seen. Over 53,000 lightning strikes and 350 wildfires in three-and-a-half days. What experts are calling a “lightning siege.” The wildfire smoke made California’s air quality worse than any other place in the world. This time convicted corporate felon Pacific Gas & Electric wasn’t responsible for burning down the state. Just another crazy week in California.

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