Will Walker Stalker Con Make A Virtual Comeback?

A left for dead comic con might be making a virtual con comeback. 3fams Productions bought the assets of Walker Stalkers LLC last October. They plan to bring Walker Stalker Con to their VirtualCons app and have an in-person event in mid-2021. The Tennessee Attorney General’s Office recently announced a settlement with Walker Stalker LLC. A restitution fund will be set up to refund money to customers, celebrities, and vendors. Will 3fams Production succeed where Walker Stalker LLC failed?

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Walker Stalker Con/Heroes & Villains FanFest Are Circling The Drain

After Walker Stalker/Heroes & Villains FanFest San Jose 2018 ended last December, there was no announcement for the 2019 show. Six months later, I started looking for a reason. I found an comment on the official Facebook page for Walker Stalker in March that there would be no San Jose show in 2019. A similar announcement went up on the unofficial Facebook page for Heroes & Villains FanFest San Jose in August. Reasons cited was the venue being unavailable for the desired dates and the show wouldn’t make money. That wasn’t the entire story. The organizers behind Walker Stalker Con and Heroes & Villains Fan Fest are in deep trouble with fans, stars and vendors.

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