My 25-Year-Old Quake 2 Mouse Pad

A twit on Twitter wrote that playing a “first person shooter game past 30 ain’t a pleasant experience.” That was in reference to FortNite, which is a third-person shooter and not a first-person shooter. I responded that I’m 52-years-old, still using my Quake II mouse pad from 1997 to play video games and to get off my virtual lawn. That was one of my most popular tweets ever. Let’s talk about my 25-year-old Quake II mouse pad on my desk.

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Testing “Enter The Matrix” (2003) Video Game

When my friend and I saw “The Matrix Resurrections” on Christmas Eve, the movie was deja vu for us. Thomas Anderson, played by Keanu Reeves, is a video game designer in San Francisco. His team working on the sequel to “The Matrix” trilogy called “The Matrix 4.”

That happened to us 20 years ago. We worked at Atari when “Enter The Matrix” entered testing in late 2002. A video game with exclusive live-action video from “The Matrix Reloaded,” the first sequel to “The Matrix.”

I’ll show you how deep the rabbit hole went.

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