Upgrading My TrueNAS File Server by ACCIDENT

Last week I noticed a critical error message notification on my TrueNAS file server. Device ada0 had 300,000 unreadable sectors pending. My seven-year-old Western Digital 1TB Red NAS hard drive was finally on the way out. I ordered a Western Digital 2TB Red Plus NAS hard drive from Amazon. A couple of hours later, I discovered that ada0 wasn’t a hard drive but an SSD. The new hard drive had already shipped from Amazon. I ended up upgrading my file server by accident.

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6 Steps From FreeNAS (USB) to TrueNAS CORE (SSD)

Last week I talked about adding the Plugadget 2.5″ mounting bracket PC cards to my file server. I’ll be switching from FreeNAS on mirrored USB flash drives to TrueNAS CORE on mirrored SSDs in six steps. Since my motherboard has a legacy BIOS, step number four took a lot longer than it should have.

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Adding A HDD/SSD 2.5″ Mounting Bracket for PC Slot

I did a video about a $3 US mystery PC expansion card called the Athena Power 2.5″ backplane two years ago. A 2.5″ drive in a removable carrier that was accessible through the back of the expansion slot. Newegg still has that card in stock but no longer discounted and cost $30 US for that and a floppy-to-SATA cable. I needed a cheaper alternative and found a $7 US PC expansion card that can mount a 2.5″ drive.

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