The Fridging of “Star Trek: Picard” (“Imposters” – S03E05)

The Fridging of “Star Trek: Picard” (“Imposters” – S03E05)

If you haven’t seen this week’s episode of “Star Trek: Picard,” “Imposters,” stop watching and watch that episode. After that check out Sean Ferrick’s reaction to that episode. And then come back here to talk about the “fridging” of a female character to motivate a male character.

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28 Ambulances For Blarney Blowout BORG Drinking #SHORTS

28 Ambulances For Blarney Blowout BORG Drinking #SHORTS

Twenty-eight ambulances got called out for BORG drinking at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Not the Seven of Nine kind of Borg drinking on “Star Trek: Picard.” BORG stands for Blowout Rage Gallon. A mixture of vodka, water, and sports drink powder. Which sounds like a cleaning solution. No surprise that 30 students became ill from binge drinking for the annual Blarney Blowout celebrations.

William Shatner – Rocket Man – Blue Origin Montage #SHORTS

William Shatner (Captain James T. Kirk of “Star Trek: TOS”), became the oldest person at 90 years old to go into space aboard the second human Blue Origin flight on Wednesday, 10/13/2021. This montage video features scenes from the flight and inside the capsule, and the song, “Rocket Man” by Elton John, that Shatner performed at the Science Fiction Film Awards on January 20, 1978.

Can William Shatner Save SiliCon With Adam Savage?

SiliCon with Adam Savage announced their initial guest list several weeks ago. Dirk Benedict, Starbuck from the 1970s “Battlestar Galactica,” was the most notable guest. Most of the other guests were the usual suspects who showed up for Silicon Valley Comic Con. A new guest got added the next day.

William Shatner, Captain Kirk of “Star Trek: The Original Series,” will appear on Sunday only. He hosted the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” panel at SVCC 2017. That was the best run show the organizers for SVCC and SiliCon has ever put on.

Can William Shatner save SiliCon with Adam Savage?

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