Take CompTIA Project+ Cert Beta Exam for $50

This week I got an email from CompTIA to take the Project+ beta exam (PK1-005) for $50 US. I noticed something unusual about the Project+ certification webpage. Unlike the PenTest+ and Linux+ beta exams from last year, the beta exam info wasn’t listed for Project+. Unless you got the email or read about it on Reddit, you wouldn’t know that this beta exam was available. Here’s another $50 US beta exam that you can take.

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I FAILED CompTIA PenTest+ Certification BETA Exam (PT0-002)

On June 29, 2021, I took the CompTIA PenTest+ certification beta exam (PT0-002) for $50 US. That exam went official this week and I found out my results. I failed the beta exam.

That I failed the beta exam didn’t surprise me.

  • I only had six weeks to study for a certification that I never heard about.
  • Getting my second COVID-19 shot the weekend before the exam didn’t help.
  • I was still playing FortNite every night.

I’ll explain why I’m waiting until next year to take the new PenTest+ certification exam.

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Taking The CompTIA PenTest+ Beta Exam (PT0-002)

A coworker pointed out in mid-April that CompTIA had a $50 USD beta exam for the PenTest+ certification. I’ve never heard of this cybersecurity certification. I signed up for it anyway since I work in government IT for a three-letter agency. If I passed, I would get a $370 USD certification for $50 USD. If I failed, I would have taken my first certification exam in 15 years. After ten weeks of studying, I took the beta exam this week. It was an interesting experience.

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