Microsoft Updates Windows 11 PC Health Check App #SHORTS

When Microsoft released the PC Health Check app for users to check if their PC can run the forthcoming Windows 11, it wasn’t very informative about which system requirement had failed to pass. Microsoft updated the app to display an informative message when something fails. In this short video, I have the screens and the solutions for TPM 2.0 NOT ENABLED and PROCESSOR NOT SUPPORTED.

How to Enable TPM for Windows 11 Compatibility #SHORTS

A new requirement for the forthcoming Microsoft Windows 11 is the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0. Most prebuilt PCs and laptop have this feature enabled already. PC builders have two choices for enabling this feature: a hard-to-find component to plug into their motherboard or the TPM setting (AMD fTPM or Intel PTT) in the BIOS. This short video demonstrates the PC Health Check app and how to enable the AMD fTPM in the BIOS for Windows 11 combability.

NOTE: Different motherboard companies have different locations and names in the BIOS to enable the AMD fTPM. The example presented here is for the Asrock AMD AM4 motherboards.

UPDATE 6/25/2021: Microsoft updated the PC Health Check app to provide a detailed message for why a system isn’t Windows 11 compatible. Download and run the updated version.

be quiet! Pure Rock Slim 2 Air Cooler for $25 USD

The Pure Rock Slim 2 air cooler is the newest air cooler by be quiet! A compact tower design with a Pure Wings 2 92mm fan and rated for 130-watt TDP. After doing some temperature testing on my test PC, the Pure Rock Slim 2 is an impressive air cooler for only $25 USD. I did find one small disappointment that I wasn’t expecting in a be quiet! product.

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How to Connect AsiaHorse ARGB LED Strip #SHORTS

A viewer asked to me how to connect together the AsiaHorse ARGB LED strips, as there were three connectors on the cable for each strip.

For connecting to the motherboard, the large female connector connects to the motherboard and a second strip connects to the large male connector (i.e., daisy chain).

For connecting to an ARGB hub controller, plug in either the large female connector or the smaller female connector. Most controllers I’ve seen use the larger female connector.

Why Be Quiet! Silent Loop 2 AIO Isn’t Coming to America

The Be Quiet Silent Loop 2 All-In-One liquid cooler recently went on sale. I found that out when I saw the announcement on their Instagram account. But all the prices and availability were for the European Union. Where were the prices and availability for the United States? The bad news is that the Silent Loop 2 AIO won’t be coming to America.

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2 PROVEN Solutions For Corrupted Memory #0 Error In FortNite

Last month I posted a short video on how to fix the Corrupted Memory #0 error in FortNite. The solution was simple: uninstall the MSI Dragon Center and MSI SDK software. I had no idea how widespread that problem was in the FortNite community. That short video got 5,000+ views. In this video I’ll talk about the error message and the two solutions to resolve the issue.

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