6 Steps From FreeNAS (USB) to TrueNAS CORE (SSD)

Last week I talked about adding the Plugadget 2.5″ mounting bracket PC cards to my file server. I’ll be switching from FreeNAS on mirrored USB flash drives to TrueNAS CORE on mirrored SSDs in six steps. Since my motherboard has a legacy BIOS, step number four took a lot longer than it should have.

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Adding A HDD/SSD 2.5″ Mounting Bracket for PC Slot

I did a video about a $3 US mystery PC expansion card called the Athena Power 2.5″ backplane two years ago. A 2.5″ drive in a removable carrier that was accessible through the back of the expansion slot. Newegg still has that card in stock but no longer discounted and cost $30 US for that and a floppy-to-SATA cable. I needed a cheaper alternative and found a $7 US PC expansion card that can mount a 2.5″ drive.

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Does Your PC Monitor Need An LED Light Bar?

Does your PC monitor need an LED light bar? This accessory sits on top of your monitor to cast light on to the keyboard and the mouse. An area of your desktop that is lit indirectly by nearby lights.

The generic light bars are between $20 US and $40 US, has three color temperature settings, and plugs into a USB port. If you want recognizable brand name or features like a curved light bar, you can spend up to $150 US.

I’m going to review the Gomyhom monitor light bar and how I set up the light bars for two different monitors.

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Testing Rosewill PB240 AIO on Athlon 3000G AM4 Processor

Some viewers got upset that I couldn’t test the Rosewill PB240 AIO liquid cooler on the AMD Athlon 25W AM1 processor. Rosewill claimed AM1 socket compatibility on the box. That wasn’t true. Without a compatible mounting bracket, I couldn’t mount the cold plate on the AM1 socket.

Since I don’t have long hair like Steve at Gamers Nexus, I can’t get the Newegg-owned company to admit their mistake. If I can’t test the AM1 processor with the AIO, I’m testing the AMD Athlon 3000G 35W AM4 processor.

Does your AMD Athlon AM4 processor need an AIO?

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THE TRUTH About 4K Webcams for Virtual Meetings

Casey Neistat tweeted out about the Opal C1 webcam. The first professional webcam that has better 4K video quality than a DSLR camera. Casey asked in his tweet, “Why hasn’t anyone done this yet? As I replied in my own tweet, most virtual meeting software uses only 720p video. The truth about 4K webcams for everyone else is that they add nothing to virtual meetings.

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Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2021 Shopping Haul

For Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2021 deals, I bought four products to change different aspects of my life.

Let’s look at my shopping haul for this year.

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How Fast Was That DDR3 Memory Kit #SHORTS

I misidentified the G.Skill memory kit on the ECS KAM1-I AM1 mini-ITX motherboard in my last tech video. I said it was 8GB 1600MHz DDR3. It wasn’t. While editing that video, I added on-screen text that it was 4GB 1333MHz DDR3.

Why did I say 8GB 1600MHz DDR3?

I have a Patriot memory kit with those specs inside my old AM3 system that gathered dust for the last three years. That memory kit is now installed on the AM1 motherboard for my next tech video.