Godzilla VS Kong (2021) – 1 Minute Review #SHORTS

A one-minute review of “Godzilla VS. Kong”, the long-awaited sequel to “Kong: Skull Island” and “Godzilla: King of The Monsters”. This rock ’em-sock ’em battle of the Titans on the big screen doesn’t disappoint. Especially with the three-way battle in Hong Kong at the end. The two human storylines explained things with mixed results. I saw this movie in Dolby where the ass-shaking seats rocked from the epic battles. This is best kaiju movie ever.

Monster Hunter At The West Wind Capitol Drive-In

The last movie I saw at the Capitol Drive-In in San Jose, CA, was The Black Stallion Returns in 1983. My baby niece and I were sitting in the front seats while my brother and his wife were making out in the backseat. Family values in the 1980s. On Christmas Eve last month, I saw Monster Hunter at the West Wind Capitol Drive-In. As the French would say, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

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3 Movies I Saw Before Indoor Theaters Closed Again

Indoor movies theaters reopened their doors in Silicon Valley last month. I’ve wondered how long they would stay open before the coronavirus pandemic got worse. That question got answered this week. Most California counties returned to the restrictive purple tier. Movie theaters are once more closed to the public. I saw three movies in three weeks: Tenet, Goldfinger, and Freaky. What was it like to watch each movie inside a theater during the pandemic?

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Final Release Dates for Tenet, Mulan, Bill & Ted Face The Music

Over the last three months, I made five videos about drive-ins and movie theaters. A constant theme that ties them all together was the rescheduling of “Tenet,” “Mulan,” and, recently, “Bill & Ted Face The Music.” Just when you think the studios finished rearranging the schedules, they reschedule everything again. Will the studios stick to newest release dates or reschedule everything all over again?

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