Axiom Saves The International Space Station (Mockup)

Axiom Saves The International Space Station (Mockup)

Axiom Space saves the International Space Station (ISS). But not the one in low Earth orbit. The full-sized mockup at the Fry’s Electronics store in Webster, Texas. Axiom will lease the sprawling retail site for its engineering operations. Building out the workspace, offices, and lab space underneath the ISS mockup. If you’re not familiar with Axiom, they’re building the first commercial space station.

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Fry’s Electronics Shut Down One Year Ago

Fry’s Electronics shut down suddenly but not unexpectedly one year ago on Wednesday, February 24, 2021. I made 14 videos covering the zombie retailer from September 2019 through August 2021. Take a trip down memory lane.




You can also check out my Fry’s Electronics playlist on YouTube.

The REAL ESTATE DEAL That SHUT DOWN Fry’s Electronics

Fry’s Electronics has finally shut down. At the stroke of midnight on Wednesday, February 24, 2021, the website made it official with a front-page memo. After 36 years in business, Fry’s Electronics ceased operations for 31 stores in nine states. Management blamed online shopping and COVID-19 for this sudden but not unexpected shutdown.

But online shopping and COVID-19 didn’t kill this zombie retailer.

An earlier announcement took place the day before. Planning documents filed with the city would turn the San Jose headquarters store into a tech campus. If you watched my previous videos, real estate deals resulted in store closures in the last 18 months. This real estate deal was so big that it shut down the entire company.

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Will Real Estate Developers Close Fry’s Electronics in 2021?

A clear pattern has emerged with Fry’s Electronics store closings since 2019. Almost every store closure resulted from a real estate developer buying out the lease and/or property. The exception being the North Sacramento store that “temporarily closed” after looters broke in last June. Here are four new stories about our favorite zombie retailer.

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6 Little-Known Updates About Fry’s Electronics

The coronavirus pandemic has been the perfect storm for Fry’s Electronics. Closed stores offered only curbside pickup and deliveries. Opened stores had less inventory and fewer employees than before. Since every retailer is zombie retailer these days, there’s nothing special about Fry’s Electronics. I’ll cover six little known updates about Fry’s Electronics.

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Are Real Estate Developers Shutting Down Fry’s Electronics?

Since the Palo Alto store closing announcement in September 2019, I’ve made eight videos about Fry’s Electronics Electronics being a zombie retailer. Empty parking lot, barren shelves, few customers, and the salesclerks unhelpful as always. I mentioned in some videos that I thought real estate developers would dictate future store closings. This week the San Jose Mercury News reported on a developer’s proposal to turn Fry’s Electronics’s San Jose store, warehouse, and corporate headquarters into a multi-building tech campus for 10,000 employees. Are real estate developers shutting down Fry’s Electronics?

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Big Tech YouTuber Bitwit Discovers Fry’s Electronics Going Out of Business

Fry’s Electronics used to be where local PC builders scanned the full-page newspaper ads at the entrance and went inside to buy parts. None of the big tech YouTubers that I follow had anything to say about Fry’s going out of business in recent months. That changed when Kyle and Heather of Bitwit drove over to the Fry’s Burbank store to check out what viewers have been telling them for months. They made the shocking discovery that the rumors were all true. Not just at the Burbank store but also the Las Vegas store.

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