2 PROVEN Solutions For Corrupted Memory #0 Error In FortNite

Last month I posted a short video on how to fix the Corrupted Memory #0 error in FortNite. The solution was simple: uninstall the MSI Dragon Center and MSI SDK software. I had no idea how widespread that problem was in the FortNite community. That short video got 5,000+ views. In this video I’ll talk about the error message and the two solutions to resolve the issue.

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How to Fix Corrupted Memory #0 Error In FortNite #SHORTS

You just jumped off the Battle Bus in FortNite when the loading screen reappears. A moment later, you get an BattlEye (anti-cheat) error screen for Corrupted Memory #0. No how many times you restart FortNite and/or reboot your PC, you continue to get this error message. If you have an MSI motherboard inside your PC, this is a simple fix. Uninstall the Dragon Center/MSI SDK software and reboot the PC. You shouldn’t get the error message after that.

NOTE: If you need change the Mystic Lights (RGB) in the future, install the Dragon Center/MSI SDK software, make changes, uninstall software, and reboot.