Monster Hunter At The West Wind Capitol Drive-In

The last movie I saw at the Capitol Drive-In in San Jose, CA, was The Black Stallion Returns in 1983. My baby niece and I were sitting in the front seats while my brother and his wife were making out in the backseat. Family values in the 1980s. On Christmas Eve last month, I saw Monster Hunter at the West Wind Capitol Drive-In. As the French would say, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

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How Walmart Is Opening 160 Drive-in Movie Theaters

With the coronavirus pandemic getting worse throughout the United States, movie studios are once more rescheduling “Tenet” and “Mulan”. Indoor movie chains like AMC are postponing reopening from July to August.

Drive-in movie theaters, however, are still open in most areas. The car being the ultimate form of social distancing when seeing a movie in public. Bring your own food and drinks, stay inside the car, and lock the doors to keep Zombie Karen out.

When businesses like drive-ins suddenly revive from the dead, it’s an opportunity for new players to enter the market. Walmart announced that they will open drive-in movie theaters at 160 supercenters across the United States from early August to October.

How is it that Walmart is opening drive-in movies during a pandemic?

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