Boogie2988 Castle Doctrine VS Stand Your Ground #SHORTS

Boogie2988 made two mistakes in confronting a stalker and shooting a warning shot. He stepped outside of his home and mishandled his gun in public. There’s some confusion about the legality of his actions. Was it the castle doctrine or stand your ground law? For Boogie, in the state of Arkansas, it was neither.

Boogie2988 Booked Into Jail — Two Mistakes #SHORTS

Police booked video game YouTuber Boogie2988 for firing his gun last year. A banned YouTuber and stalker, Frank Hassle, came over to over house uninvited in September 2020. Boogie walked out the front door with his gun pointed at the stalker and fired a warning shot in the air. He made two mistakes during this confrontation: stepping outside of his home and firing his gun in public.