Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2021 Shopping Haul

For Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2021 deals, I bought four products to change different aspects of my life.

Let’s look at my shopping haul for this year.

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Why I Put An Apple AirTag Inside My Label Maker

I have four items that I could track with the new Apple AirTag.

I haven’t misplaced the license dongle. The tripod and gimbal, either together or separately, often disappear for a week or two after I use them. As for the label maker, it went missing for four months in my home office. Only one of these items will let me put the AirTag inside.

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Visiting New Apple Store @ Westfield Valley Fair Mall #SHORTS

The new Apple Store at Westfield Valley Fair Mall in Silicon Valley opened last year. Only to be shut down by the pandemic. Pick-up only and appointment only were available from time to time. The store recently re-opened in 2021. Since Santa Clara County is in the orange tier, my friend stood at a table to buy a mag safe charger and I roamed around the store. Parts of this video were recorded on the ZHIYUN Smooth-X Gimbal Stabilizer for iPhone.

Will The Apple Silicon M1 Be The Next Cyrix M1

This week Apple announced their new MacBook Air, Mac mini and MacBook Pro. Equipped with the new ARM-based Apple Silicon chip to replace the Intel chips. Apple Silicon will let developers create universal apps to run on iPads, iPhones, and Macs. That sounded promising until I heard the name of the new chip—the M1. That’s unfortunate. The M1 by Cyrix was an Intel chip replacement for the Socket 7 motherboard in 1996. The compatibility and performance issues were so bad that it sucked donkey balls. Will the Apple Silicon M1 be the next Cyrix M1?

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Will The Apple iPhone 12 Have Coronavirus In The Box?

Apple will announce the new iPhone 12 on Tuesday, October 13, 2020. Here’s what to keep in mind if you do buy the newest iPhone from Apple.The new iPhones were made in China after the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Apple uses airfreight to deliver iPhones direct from the factory to U.S. Apple Stores in three to five days. Three to five days is how long the coronavirus can survive on various surfaces.

Will the iPhone 12 have coronavirus in the box?

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How to Apply for Apple Card With No Internet Connection

If you got your invitation email to apply for the new Apple Card, and clicked on the link that took you to the Wallet app on your iPhone, you may have gotten the error message that Apple Pay could not connect to the Internet. Except you know that every other app on your iPhone has access to the Internet. Watch this video for two workarounds that can get your Apple Card application submitted.