YouTube Community Roundup 10/23/2021

The following community posts were posted on my YouTube channel this week.

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“Being the Ricardos” Trailer

Amazon Prime Video’s “Being the Ricardos” trailer came out today. I’m a big “I Love Lucy” fan since I grew up on the re-runs. Most people don’t know that Lucille Ball was a savvy businesswoman in the 1950s and 1960s. A time when most women were expected to be stay-at-home mothers. Her studio turned Gene Rodenberry’s “Star Trek: TOS” into a cultural icon. The movie will debut on December 10, 2021.

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“Cowboy Bebop” Trailer

Another trailer that came out was Netflix’s “Cowboy Bebop,” a live-action version of a classic anime, coming out on November 19, 2021. I’m really looking forward to this series. Live action versions of anime series can be hit or miss (*cough* “Ghost in The Shell” *cough*). Looks like Netflix nailed this one with stylistic perfection.

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“Ghostbuster Afterlife” Trailer

Yet another trailer to look at, “Ghostbusters Afterlife,” coming out on November 19, 2021. I’m looking forward to seeing this on the big screen.

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William Shatner in Space

On Wednesday, October 13, 2021, William Shatner became the oldest to travel into space. Here’s a new playlist of the Shatner videos on my channel. Enjoy!

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Amazon Hub

I just learned something new about the Amazon Hub. If you’re registered user and have multiple packages (each package has an email notification), scanning the barcode of one notification will open the doors—one at a time—for all the packages. That can be inconvenient if you have a lot of packages.

If someone else (say, a spouse) in your apartment got multiple packages (each package has an email notification), scanning the barcode of one notification will only open the door for that specific package. The other barcodes must be scanned to get the other packages.

As the registered user, you can forward these notification emails to the other person and have them fetch their own packages from the Hub.

If you haven’t seen my Amazon Hub videos, check out the playlist.

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Facebook Metaverse

The topic for my Sunday’s video is Facebook Metaverse. That’s funny. The 1990s called and wants it metaverse back. My technical career got started in 1997 with the emerging—and suddenly obsolete—metaverse of virtual worlds. I had a six-month QA internship with Fujitsu’s WorldsAway, a 2.5D chatroom with colorful avatars. I pulled out my copy of “Avatars! Exploring and Building Virtual Worlds on the Internet” by Bruce Damar. I got this book 24 years ago this week.

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1997 VHS Camera

The highlight of my Fujitsu’s WorldsAway internship was the Avatars 97 convention in San Francisco. My role there was to set up the demo PCs, provide technical support, and record video of the demonstrations. Recording video meant lugging around a heavy Panasonic VHS camera on my shoulder.

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See It First Vs. Gofobo For Free Movie Preview Tickets

Have you ever noticed how some reviewers post a review of a forthcoming movie just days before it opens to the general public? Yet they never disclose how they got free tickets to see a preview screening.

  • Are they sleeping with the teenagers behind the concession stand at the movie theater?
  • Do they know someone who is waiting tables to make it big in Hollywood?
  • Are they taking cash payments from the movie studios?

Last Spring I saw two movies, Disney’s “Aladdin” and Amazon Studios’ “Late Night”, in free preview screenings. I slept with no teenagers, I know no one in Hollywood, and took no cash payments. I did accept free tickets from two third-party websites, See It First and Gofobo, that anyone can sign up for.

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