T-Mobile ENDING Sprint AAA Membership Perk

T-Mobile ENDING Sprint AAA Membership Perk

One of the biggest changes since T-Mobile bought Sprint was the shutdown of the Sprint LTE network five weeks ago. Another big change is coming for former Sprint customers. T-Mobile will be ending the AAA membership perk next year.

Sprint AAA Membership Perk

If you’re not familiar with AAA, they offer roadside service, insurance, and travel discounts.

  • Roadside services include battery replacement, unlocking doors, emergency fuel delivery, and vehicle towing.
  • Insurance includes auto, home, and renters.
  • Travel discounts are available for hotels, restaurants, and movie theaters.

You will need a AAA membership card to access those benefits.

  • The Classic with 5-mile tow range is $60 US per year.
  • The Plus with a 100-mile tow range is $95 US per year.
  • The Premier with a 200-mile tow range is $120 US per year.

Check AAA for a detailed explanation of membership benefits.

Sprint covered the cost of a AAA Classic membership at $60 US per year. If you had a AAA Plus or Premier membership, you were responsible for paying the balance. That would be $35 US or $60 US, respectively.

I haven’t paid my AAA membership fee for six years. Every year I got a renewal notification that my AAA membership was already paid for by Sprint. When my renewal comes up in 2024, I’ll have to pay for it.

That’s my favorite Sprint perk I’m going to miss under T-Mobile.

T-Mobile One-Year AAA Membership Perk

If you’re a former Sprint customer, you should have gotten a text message several weeks ago. That text message had a link to the Sprint AAA support page with frequently asked questions. If your AAA membership expires between August 1, 2022, and July 31, 2023, T-Mobile will renew for one more year. After next year, you will be responsible for paying for your AAA membership.

If you’re a current T-Mobile customer, you can get a AAA membership for one year. But only for one year. You will be responsible for paying for AAA when your renewal date comes up. The T-Mobile promotion excludes Sprint customers who are already getting another one-year renewal.

Whether you’re a former Sprint or current T-Mobile customer, the AAA perk will be going away next year.

Different Carrier Next Year?

My iPhone XR is off-contract and I plan to replace it next year. I replace my iPhone every four years to get the last trade-in value and a discount for the previous year’s model. When I traded in my iPhone 6S in 2019, I got the iPhone XR for $500 US and saved $250 US. That was before T-Mobile bought Sprint in 2020.

With T-Mobile removing my favorite Sprint perk next year, I may find a different carrier for my new iPhone.


  1. I was sprint now t-mobile I just got my aaa renewal for august 1 ‘2023 thru July 31 24 am I covered for the coming year?

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