Studying for CompTIA Linux+ Certification (XK0-005)

Studying for CompTIA Linux+ Certification (XK0-005)

I found out two weeks ago that I passed the CompTIA Linux+ certification beta exam that I took last February. The new exam, XK0-005, went live this week. The old exam, XK0-004, won’t retire until Monday, January 16, 2023. You can take either exam in the next five months. Here are the study materials I used to pass the beta exam, and the four new study guides that are coming out.

Beta Exam Disclaimer

I don’t think the beta exam I took was representative of the new exam. If CompTIA divided beta testers between the old and new exams, I got the old exam. The study guide and the online practice tests aligned perfectly with the beta exam that I took. I don’t recall seeing any questions that were newer than what I studied for.

When I studied for the beta exam, I had a study guide, online practice tests, and a bash shell scripting book.

CompTIA Linux+ Certification All-In-One Guide

My study guide was the “CompTIA Linux+ Certification All-In-One Guide” by Ted Jordan. I read through this book several times during the six weeks I studied for the beta exam. The information presented was spot on for the beta exam that I took.

A new version of this study guide is not yet available for pre-order.

MindHub CompTIA Linux+ Practice Test

I used the MindHub CompTIA Linux+ Practice Test for online practice exams. Regular prices are $99 US for 30 days of access or $109 US for 60 days of access. If I have time before taking the exam, I’ll wait to get a discount code during a holiday sale to save 40% off regular price.

A new version of the practice test is not yet available.

Bash Shell Scripting

You need to know bash shell scripting quite well to answer some of the exam questions. I got “Shell Scripting: How to Automate Command Line Tasks Using Bash Scripting and Shell Programming” by Jason Cannon. I went through the examples in this book four times.

There may be better books on shell scripting than this one.

New Study Guides for New Exam

Study guides for the new exam are coming out soon.

Which Exam Should You Take?

You can study for either the old exam with available study material or the new exam as new study material comes out.

  • If you need this certification sooner or can get it done in the next five months, take the old exam.
  • If you can wait for the new study guides, take the new exam.

Whether you take the old exam or the new exam, the Linux+ certification is good for three years after you pass.

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