Silicon With Adam Savage Virtual Con 2020 Announcement

Organizers for Silicon Valley Comic Con changed its name to Silicon with Adam Savage and scheduled the three-day comic con for mid-October 2020 in late February. Back then the coronavirus pandemic was a major international problem. And I needed a haircut.

Four months later, I don’t need a haircut. The coronavirus pandemic is now a major U.S. problem. And Adam Savage announced that Silicon with Adam Savage will not be an in-person event.

Instead, it will be a virtual con.


  • Silicon with Adam Savage will have three virtual events per month starting soon. Expect to see one-on-one interviews, panel discussions and maker workshops.
  • The Silicon Store is now open if you want to buy some swag.
  • If you bought tickets, you should be getting an email about refunds soon.


I’ve seen several different formats of virtual cons in the last few months.

  • Wizard World has free live streams on Facebook, Twitch and YouTube, and each live stream has autographed pictures and other items for sale.
  • Virtual Pop Expo had 16 hours of free all-day programming over two days and items for sale in an online store.
  • Creation Entertainment uses StageIt for their events, requiring a minimum $5 USD to use the website, $1 USD to access the event, and the person who tips the most during the livestream wins a special prize.

Which virtual con format can we expect Silicon with Adam Savage to use?

Probably the Wizard World example of free live streams and items for sale in the online store. Adam Savage and Steve Wozniak, of course, could come up with something that no one else has done so far this year.

Will I be looking forward to Silicon with Adam Savage as it rolls out in the next few months? Maybe, maybe not.

So many virtual cons came out in the last few months that I’ve “zoomed out” (pun intended) on most of them. We shall see if Silicon with Adam Savage as a virtual con is any different than all the others.

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