Ryan Reynolds Is A Sellout (T-Mobile Buys Mint Mobile)

Ryan Reynolds Is A Sellout (T-Mobile Buys Mint Mobile)

Ryan Reynolds is a sellout. The man who ranted against the big cellphone carriers sold out Mint Mobile to T-Mobile for $1.53 billion. On the bright side, you can buy the Mint Mobile milkshake at Jack In The Box. And watch the extended version of the T-Mobile Super Bowl ad with John Travolta.

T-Mobile Buys Out Mint Mobile

T-Mobile is buying the parent company of Mint Mobile and two other cellphone brands, Ultra Mobile and Plum, for $1.35 billion. Since Ryan Reynolds has a 25% stake, his cut from the deal is a cool $337.5 million. Not a bad return on a four-year-old investment.

What does this mean for current Mint Mobile customers?

If the two-year merger between T-Mobile and Sprint was any guide, nothing will happen in the next year or two. I didn’t know that T-Mobile had bought Sprint until a replacement SIM card kit showed up in the mail last year. It wouldn’t surprise me if most Mint Mobile customers are unaware of the forthcoming merger with T-Mobile.

Only two things are set in stone: the $15 per month pricing and Ryan Reynolds being the face of Mint Mobile.

Pricing for the $15 per month plan will stay the same. What features you might get for $15 per month may change. As for the $30 per month unlimited plan, pricing and features may very well change.

As for Ryan Reynolds, can he still rant about the big carriers after selling out to a big carrier?

Jack In The Box & The Mint Mobile Milkshake

Jack In The Box came out with the Mint Mobile milkshake in a new limited time promotion. A mint milkshake with Oreo cookie crumbs, whip cream, and a cherry on top. Unlike $15 per month plan, the milkshakes are five bucks each. If the Jack In The Box in your area haven’t already sold out.

The last time I visited a Jack In The Box was when they gave out antenna balls in the 1970s.

T-Mobile Extended Super Bowl Commercial

T-Mobile aired the Super Bowl ad with John Travolta singing a “Grease” homage. If you’re like me, you didn’t recognize John Travolta with a shaved head and a bearded face. A popular style for older men these days. T-Mobile has an extended version of the video on YouTube.

If you’re a big fan of “Grease” and the song, “Summer Nights,” you have to watch the extended video.

I have mixed feelings about Ryan Reynolds selling out Mint Mobile. You would think he would never sell out to a big carrier. The merger doesn’t affect me that much. I pay $15 per month because I barely use my iPhone since I work from home.

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